3 days left

This week is not running as smoothly as I wished but i m trying to keep a relaxed mindset even when I spent the last 2 days for 80% on thephone with people that I have a hard time understanding and where the sound quality is compareable to a child being stuck in a well.

No call back from the Radio maker Axxera regarding the possibility of my issues being firmware related. If THOR is good for their word I should have the new Radio today and hopefully can install it with no big issues. ( should be a straight one for one exchange )

Andrea went to  the DMV to fix the issue with the registration of the old RV and was able to get the new registration. The temp one was good till july, but we prefer having the perm.

I finished up putting all the tools in the RV away, installing some command hooks for belts & hats, testing the lights for the toad, and putting my clothes in the RV. I also tested the JBL bluetooth speaker in case the new Radio doesnt arrive on time.  Now the only thing missing is personal electronics and work electronics. But overall I think. We are at a stage where we could leave for the trip and anything we forgot we could easily do without.

I really am looking for the finally be on the road again and unwinding a bit. Usually by this time we would have had a spring trip under our belt already.

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