4 days countdown

I actually got a call back from the Radio Manufactorer which helped me a bit to restore my faith in the american service industry. They talked to a tech for me to see if it is a firmware issue or a thermal issue that makes the radio volume go away.

I also called THOR  and explained ( very kindly ) my dislike of their quality. They admitted ( maybe just to appease me ) that they are growing so fast that they cant find skilled workers. First  I was told me to bring the RV to the dealer to work on the radio and I explained there is no way I would get an appointment, replacement part and another appointment to install before leaving friday. They told me they will ship the radio directly to me for me to replace. In case that was a lie or it doesnt get here on time we bought a good JBL usb speaker to play tunes while we travel.

At lunch I took a drive to the hardware store and bought some PVC cleanout adapter to extend and narrow the cupholders in the dash so our travel mugs dont fall over when driving. I spraypainted them black after work.

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