5 more days

At this point its either going to be the most epic trip ever or the biggest fiasco.

We spent basically 2 trying to fix the drawer in the bedroom just to find out that whoever @ THOR put the drawer together doesnt know what being square means. the drawer was 3/8 wide at the bottom than on the top.. of course its not going to fit. I”rigged” it so it will work and is useable but it will need more attention when we come back. We also found a leak by the hotwater heater, tons of plastic shavings in the prepump filter and…to put the icing on the cake.. out radio stops working after 5 to 40 min, either its overheating or needs a firmware upgrade.

All our gear is loaded and the only things missing are personal and work electronics, come clothing and some small stuff.

After losing a bit of blood trying to fix that darn drawer  Ineeded some uplifting and decided to put the new decal up for the rear window. Icould have done a better job but this will do for a while.

9 thoughts on “5 more days

  1. I like that decal!

    So sorry for all your repair woes. I keep hearing negative things about Thor. You’d think the bad publicity would make them fix their quality issues 😦


  2. yes, you would think.. the only reason we bought THOR was because we loved their floorplan and couldn’t find anything we liked with another brand.
    It’s annoying and frustrating and kept me up a few times at night but I guess thats all part of life and hopefully in a few years we laugh about it.


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