*update watertank part3 ….to be continued

This is gonna be a good one since we were getting updates often today.

08:00 andrea arrived with RV at dealer to fix cracked watertank

08:00 dealer called andrea to let her know that the new water tank hasnt arrived yet ( NO SHIT SHERLOCK.. 1st you told us that before, 2nd you ordered the part 5 days late & 3rd I contacted shipping and found out the tank will be there  Monday.

09:30 tech informs andrea that the tank is NOT cracked but there is a disconnected/ damaged hose

11:30 dealer hands andrea keys over and stated all is fixed

11:30 andrea inspects watertank and sees its leaking

11:35 ralf calls dealer and goes BEASTMODE on  them

11:40 tech comes out and claims there is another leak in the tank now.. wont take long to fix

12:00 andrea waits

13:00 andrea waits

14:00 andrea waits

15:00 tech comes to andrea and says tank is cracked

16:00 andrea waits

16:30 tech come sout and says its almost done…

17:05 Andrea takes RV and makes way home, we dont know if weld will hold or if they fixed the other items on the list.
In other news… the DMV contacted us and  now andrea needs to go see them on tuesday to straighten out that we sold the old RV and the new one has the proper registration and insurance.
On the bright side… the dealer gave us a $300 gift card for their store. 
Being Kind certainly was not the case for me but I think I reached my threshold with that service department.

One thought on “*update watertank part3 ….to be continued

  1. You can’t make this up. This kind of story if it’s in a movie, we would roll our eyes at such a ridiculous plot. Sorry that you had to go through it. Hopefully no future beastmode is necessary.

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