*update watertank part 2

After we found out that Albany RV in Latham,NY waited 5 days  before ordering the new fresh water tank  and even then only after I called THOR and made them call the dealer and put the order in I was  pretty ticked off and called THOR every day to find out the status of the order. Today I was told that the item has been shipped and will be with the dealer on monday. 

SO since we have an appointment tomorrow to weld the existing tank so we have something for the Colorado trip its pretty clear that we have to schedule another visit to replace the tank. Given how fast it was shipped its pretty safe to say that if they would have ordered it on the day they got approval it would have been there on time. So now they are not only wasting my time and gas but also their own.

Oh well…NAMASTE…nothing I can do about that now.. 8 more days and the journey begins.

2 thoughts on “*update watertank part 2

  1. Deep breathing. It’s just maddening to read about how bad the dealer has been. And I’m not even the one who had to deal with it. Sorry to hear about the problem. I hope the patch holds up throughout your trip.

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    • Agreed…the service department has been horrible. I am a pretty reasonable person, i know things can break but I have a hardtime understanding tardiness. Oh well in a few days these things will make up good campfire stories.


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