testdriving the towbar

Today we spent a good 2 hrs hooking up the towbar / vehicle  and making sure everything that suppose to turn still turns and everything that shouldn’t  turn doesn’t.
Hooking up the tow vehicle to the tow bar was not hard at all.  We had some trouble adjust the  brake assist cable but after a few choice words, bit of blood and few more grey hair we got it figured out. We took a little joy ride around town to see how it feels driving the RV with the tow vehicle and we must say it handles much nicer than the old RV… even when towing the car.
I was also able put a few decals and the obligatory RV USA map to track states visited. We didn’t go with the states we been to but started fresh with States we camped in for atleast 1 night. I also mounted the antenna for the weboost but with another rainstrom coming and didn’t want to open the vent for the fridge and see if I can route the cable in that way.  We leave that for tuesday or wednesday after work when the weather is nicer since I will have to play more with dicor and it might be better if its warmer and can dry over night.

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