Testing Things

Keng  from https://davidnkeng.wordpress.com had a great article about using mobiles devices to blog form the road. 

It just so happened that days before I ordered myself a BlueTooth enabled Keyboard since my DELL laptop was having more and more issues.

Everything is working great, pairing the keyboard was easy and Ilove that I can have 3 different devices configured and switch with the turn of a button.

The only problem is that my ipad also is ancient and alot of software just doesnt run or takes 5 starts before it stays up. So it might be time to think about a refresh  for that one and to make the decision if I should go with a ipad again or  see what samsung has to offer since I very happy with my Samssung S7 phone.

I am writing this using my ipad in the stand of the keyboard  as a holder for my Phone while typing from the external keyboard.

The other thing I got to test yesterday was the weboost cellphone booster. Iwas able to  get the signal from -104 dbm up to -84 or 2 bars to 4 bars. I have to go to the hardware store this morning to get a different mounting bracket to secure fix it to the ladder. But overall Iam very happy with the boost in signal.

today in 2 weeks we will be on our way to Colorado, Istill have to hookup and testdribe with the towbar and see if Ineed the 2 inch receiver to receiver  adapter to lower it. Today seems to be a washout in regards of antenna mounting and towbar testing  but hopefully tomorrow we get  those chores done.

2 thoughts on “Testing Things

  1. That’s another use of an iPad, as a stand for a phone! šŸ˜„ Thanks for the mention. We have a WeBoost as well, but don’t use it often because where we stayed mostly had decent signals.


  2. I have an older version of that keyboard ā€“ so handy. I love that I can use the WordPress app on my phone or iPad if need be, but it was murder on my joints & tendons until I got the keyboard.

    Good to know the WeBoost lives up to its name. Ours is still in the box, but won’t be for much longer.

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