*update water tank

Andrea took the RV to the dealer today.  At first they didn’t believe her but when she showed them the video I took they had little to no counter arguments left.
They removed the tank and saw it was cracked  at the bottom…. of course  they didn’t have any in stock and need to order it from THOR.  They told Andrea that just the pre-approval would take 2-3 weeks.
I called THOR and they told me since I already have a activity #   they can approve it right on the spot but.. to no ones surprise.. it was not submitted yet.
I got back on the phone with Andrea and the Service Manager and we discussed the next steps.
THEY will submit pre-approval request today.
I will haunt THOR to approve ASAP
IF the new tank is not there before the 19th of May we will bring the RV up and they will patch the old tank so we can use it for the Colorado trip and then we will deal with the replacement ( why no one had the idea to patch it TODAY  is still beyond me )
THEY agreed to fill the gas tank up again since the unit was not delivered in working condition.


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