Pickup Day

We picked up the new rig yesterday and I have to admit I got a bit emotional  leaving the old rig behind, lots of good memories of places seen,  shared with pets that since then passed away.

Overall, so far we were happy with Albany RV.  From Sales to Customer Service everyone was polite and eager to help and we didn’t get the Camping World ” Don’t know figure it out yourself” speech (yet).

Demo was done by “Sarge” an 20 plus veteran of the army long retired but still working in military mode. Amazing how  that sticks to you like white on  rice.. I only served 6 years in the german navy but people still tell me I got military in me.

The Demo was thorough and well structure, outside, inside, jacks, slides. It took just under 2 hrs before we could take it home.

The wife was very happy to drive it and it seems alot smoother &  quieter  than the old one and  we can actually talk to each other vs yelling.

The evening we spent moving things in.  After we leveled it and put the slides out we got the dogs and cat inside . The Dogs quickly adjusted but the cat  wasn’t sure about this new thing but  just like with the old rig I am sure he will come around fast and strut around like he owns the place in no time.

We are still amazed how much room we have. Keys is now not to become  a packrat again.

Tonight and over the weekend we are going to do more loading, sorting, installing of techtoys, toad setup ….etc  , only 4 more weeks till the Colorado  / Dead & Company Trip.

2017 here we come

Andrea is enjoying the ride and maybe she will let me do some of the driving too.


Hunter claims the couch


Lilly select the bed and loves looking out of the rear window


6 thoughts on “Pickup Day

    • Thanks.. of course we already have the first issue to deal with.. seems like the Fresh Water Tank is leaking..bringing the unit back to the dealer on Thrusday….I just put the new panels on the Fridge so we can put our magnets up and my wife is making the bed so we can sleep in it tonight.


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