First Walkthrough

We went up to Albany RV yesterday to take a first look  at our new rig and sign the paperwork. The unit has not been prepped / cleaned yet for us  but we wrote down all the things we found issues with and turned it over to the Service Department. We have not yet looked at the underside of it.

Pickup / Demo Day is next thursday  4/27 @ 10 AM

Bedroom slide hits valance and bends slidewood

Hole in front storage

Flooring detaching in front

Cables not tucked away

Paneling damage in front

Plenty of scruff mark like this.

bedroom slide cable cover loose and jamming slides.

Poor staple job in closet

Blinds in bedroom fell off due to poor installation

hole ins screendoor


15 thoughts on “First Walkthrough

  1. I’d get looking on that underside. But that’s damage due to previous owner, not structural. How old is it? I bought a new truck yesterday without consulting wife. I thought my PTSD was in check but that was a suiciide attempt I believe. She was fine though. She new I was planning to do so soon. Just not that soon.

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    • thats the SAD part its brand spanking new from the factory. there isn’t much the could have screwed up in the underside compartment but we will take a close look at the outdoor kitchen / TV.

      congrats on the new Truck.. just remember.. the wife might have said she was “FINE” with it but 30 years from now when you don’t expect it she will bring it up and say YOU NEVER CONSULT ME FOR ANYTHING.


  2. Sad to see some of the obvious stuff. I heard that all news RVs will have something that needs fixing, but never experienced it since we bought ours used. I’m sure you’ll be even more thorough during the actual walk-through.

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    • I always had bad luck buying used vehicles and ended up putting more money in… about selling you guys do that privately too ? I don’t think I could deal with that .. people calling showing interest then never calling back or asking you to hold on and then never calling


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