Staying connected

As a backup plan for our online lifestyle when traveling I also chose to sign up for the T-Mobile Simple Choice North America 6GB Plan, Just before it  got discontinued in January of 2017….. kinda as a backup to the backup (AT&T) to the  main ( Verizon )
When I ordered the device via phone I was told there is a promotion and the hotspot/mifi would be FREE. I would get fully credited back  on my 2nd bill.
On the second bill I was still being charged $3 for the device and there was a installment plan on the bill. I called and was told that it would be taken care of the next bill.
On the third bill the same thing happen and I got the good ole “next bill it will be credited” speech.
After living in america for close to 20 years I knew this was a case of ” if we tell the same lie over and over the customer might go away” tactic .

I have been there too many times I  thanked the callagent and opened a complaint with the BBB in regards of the promotion / lack  there of . Within 10 days I received a call from the T-mobile executive branch in regards of my BBB complaint and was assured that I qualified for the promotion and I should have been credited with the 2nd bill. I was told there will be no equipment charges and I will be credited what I already paid. All of this will reflect on my statement within 48 hrs.

I checked my statement later and long behold they spoke the truth. Equipment paid off and credit on my account. Just shows and it pays to be persistent

3 thoughts on “Staying connected

  1. Glad it worked out in the end. But it’s quite upsetting that they had to put their customers through it. Phone carriers could never be trusted but I’m a bit surprised to hear this came from T-Mobile.


  2. We had a similar experience activating an AT&T device purchased under an apparently little known plan. Hubby went up the call agent chain, to no avail. Going into an AT&T store did the trick. They weren’t any more informed about the plan, but quickly found it in their computer system and hubs was on his way.

    It does pay to be persistent. But as we both discovered, sometimes you just have to involve the right person 😉


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