Level 4 Audit

Yesterday we got a call from the RV dealer about the new rig. It’s not at the dealer yet and they told us its currently in a “Level 4 Audit” to make sure everything is perfect.
Personally I think that’s code “we didn’t get it done yet”, but whatever , they have some excuse might be better than not giving us any story. UHHH LEVEL 4.. sounds difficult they must be  really good with the QA for their products.

We kinda had plans to use the long Easter weekend for a shakedown trip but its not really a big issue, plenty of things to do with around the house. I would have just liked to be able to “play with the new toy” and get it organized.. 6 weeks till our first Road trip and plenty of things to work on.

2 thoughts on “Level 4 Audit

  1. You can get a smaller Class B RV that can tow a boat or maybe even a Class C.. Van probably be better since the overhang after the rear tires isnt as long..or if you already have a truck why not get one of those truck campers that fit in the bed of your truck.. we saw a few nice once that are as good as any of the self driven RVs


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