RV GPS part deux

The Good :

Rand McNally’s support is very fast and good. For each step of the GPS repair/replacement I receved an email.
The unit power up, told me the battery is low but CONTINUED to work when it was plugged in.
It did not take 24 hrs to charge fully

The Bad :

The Display still seem flaky, unresponsive at times & whackadoodle…i don’t like it compared to my old TOMTOM GPS and I am nnot sure how well it will work when driving and me making adjustment ( as passenger)
Powered OFF..the batteries discharged  to around 30 % over night


I spent $350 on this and simply don’t like it / trust it. I think I am going to call support again tomorrow and see if the screen issues  and the fast discharge even when powered off is normal.

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