RV Base plate for dinghy towing

We were able to pick up the Corolla  from a friend who installed the Blue Ox base plate for us as well as the Supplemental Brake System for Ready Brute tow bar.

Without the  “Adapters” installed ( I need to look up to see what they are called so I can impress the other males ) its looks pretty inconspicuous, people might  wonder what that steelcable loop up front might be.

With the  adapters installed you are starting to get the idea

The supplemental Brake system seems pretty straight forward as it is just a steel wire connected to the brake pedal and applying the car brakes if the RV brakes and the weight of the car pushed against the tow bar.

Now the only thing missing is the actual RV which we hope to inspect delivery next weekend and pick up in 2 weeks. Until then I wont be able to put the drop receiver and test the setup.

What we purchased is :

Blue Ox Base Plate
Ever Ready Brute Tow Bar 

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