GPS for the RV…

We decided to go with the Rand McNally  RVND7730 GPSfor the RV. It’s been a long time since we had a GPS but we figured it might be useful to navigate on roads we know we fit on. ( even though the new rig isn’t bad, we are 12’2″ high and 31 feet long)


We bought the unit a month ago and last week I took the time to configure it with our measurements. On Saturday we decided to go for a ride and wanted to try the GPS  but when I turned it on it said BATTERY LOW PLEASE CONNECT POWER, which we did but even after 4 hrs of charging the unit did neither turn on or off I ended up leaving it plugged it over night and the next morning we were able to turn it on / off. I turned it off and let it sit ( turned off ) and after 6 hrs or so I turned it back on and saw the battery was 50 % ( from sitting turned off ??????)

I knew something wasn’t right.

I emailed support and got a reply back on a sunday with a few tips and was told to call support on monday if I am still having issues. I checked the unit sunday evening after being plugged in  the entire day and showing a GREEN light meaning that its fully charged but when I unplugged it and turned it on it showed 50% on the battery.

Monday morning I called support and explained the situation to the call agent. She took notes, asked a few questions and then told me that the unit is faulty and they will send me a UPS label to return it so they can repair/replace the unit.

So far I am impressed with the Rand McNally Customer Service / Warranty, let’s see if the replacement works as designed.

2 thoughts on “GPS for the RV…

  1. Hmm. Ours won’t start charged either, so we just keep it plugged in. I’d try calling but I’m pretty sure we purchased it over a year ago and have no idea where the receipt might be…..

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