I don’t need much to be happy

On our Dec 2016 trip I woke up one morning in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, the night was a bit cool and I peeled myself out of bed , got dressed and took the dogs for their morning walk. The sun was just coming up and the air was fresh and brisk. Most of the RVs in the campground were still dark and only a few fellow “dog walkers” were silently roaming around, some in their bathrobes  but most in their regular clothes.

I returned to the RV and Lilly ( the bigger dog ) decided to go back to bed with mommy for some snuggles. I could have done the same but usually when I do that I fall right back to sleep and wake up hours later not knowing who or where I am.
I decided to make coffee and stay up, I silently made the coffee and sat down in the dinette, not wanting to wake the wife up I left the lights off and didn’t turn the heat up but put another jacket on as well as my hat.
Hunter ( the older , smaller and alot grumpier dog ) joined me on the dinette and we threw a blanket over us, sipping our ( my ) coffee and reading the morning paper on my iPad ( thank god for the PressReader App). Jasper ( the cat ) joined us on the table and laid down all stretched out.

At one point I was looking up, looked outside and saw the campground was waking up with more RV windows lit up, Hunter was breathing next to me having the occasional “twitch” , the wife and Lilly were snoring in bed ( not saying who snored the most since it was a “tight” race) I was reflecting on my self, multiple layers of clothing, blankets on me, headlamp on ,coffee at hand and realized…. I WAS HAPPY.. I was relaxed, I had no anxiety, I was not in a fancy place with all the luxuries I can imagine but I was happy as a person, happy as a human.  I was with the person I love most ( and who can drive me nuts most ), our 4 legged fur-kids were with us and happy and I realized that I don’t need much to  be happy in life and that the things  that make you are happy can not be purchased.

5 thoughts on “I don’t need much to be happy

      • We still don’t have solar and use a generator for those times we boondock. Since we’re hooked up more than 75% of the time, it didn’t make sense for us to invest the $$$ into solar.

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      • i cant stand the noise from the generator plus i still work a 8 to 5 job so i need to make sure i have enough juice to power laptop ,monitors and networking and dont have much background noise. we have a 80 watt solar from that work well but i am not sure it will be enough… but for now we will be in the same boat as you and be plugged in mostly so the solar has some time

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