Buying a new Andrea

October 2013 we went looking for a small tow behind trailer.  My husband is an avid hiker and had just finished hiking the Catskills Mountain 35 high peaks and wanted to continue with the Adirondack 45 high peaks.  Our problem was we lived next to the Catskills so it was easy to do day trips.  The Adirondacks were several hours away and many of the hikes longer so we believed our best option would be to have a home base to stay the weekend.  And let’s face it renting a room can be very expensive.

We had always loved tent camping and had done a lot of it in our early years of marriage but there comes a point sometimes that sleeping on the ground is no fun.  We have friends with 2 children  that started with a pop up trailer and moved onto a 28 foot trailer.  They also had a truck and we only had a Suburu Forester.

So hubby was looking for an A-frame…thinking his Forester would tow it.

We were walking around Camping World in Kingston when we met a sale an who assured us the Forester wouldn’t be towing much of anything.

So, we started looking at trucks.  The cost of a truck and a trailer could easily add up to the cost of the Motorhome.  Besides, we have pets that we wanted to travel with us.  We ended up settling on a 25 foot Thor Freedom Elite Class C without slides.  In retrospect, if we knew then what we do now, we definitely would have gotten a vehicle with a slide.  We might have stayed in it longer.  There were days when it was raining out and we were stuck inside, on top of each other and the animals on top of us.  Not too comfortable.

But we had a lot of fun in that Motorhome.  We have spent The last 2 years looking for what we would like to upgrade to.  It’s kind of funny how hard it is to find a model that suits you.  We had issues with the Thor so they were not on our radar but we kept finding models we really liked.  In January we went to a boat & RV show, with a couple brands and floor plans in mind and fell in love with the Thor ACE 30.3.

We were patient so we went home and did some investigating on it.  A few weeks later we were ready to go to Albany RV and look at the ones they had on site.

We had been there once before and had a horrible experience with a sales team. When we were approached this time by Tom, and we told him we were there to look and had a previous bad experience, he let us be and on our way out, we took his card.  No pressure…we figured he would get our business for giving us respect.

That day we knew we had found our next Motorhome.  It was about as close to perfect for us as we had come across.  Tom did get our business and we will be picking up our baby mid March.  

First major trip…Boulder Colorado…I can’t wait!

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