Personal Touch

We spent the afternoon taking 99.9 % of our personal things out of the old rig and installed the original chair that we replaced with  small dresser back in its place. We took the curtain rods off, removes the sheet metal from the fridge, took all the maps out and hung the old “not so privat” privacy curtains.

It felt weird, every bit of personal touch is gone, the unit is as crisp and when we bought it in October of 2013. I think it even smells new. The maps reminded us of trips and fun excursions and getting lost, the curtain rods of how much warmer we were keeping the draft out during our overnight stay in Tennessee when temps dropped to below 20 F and the dresser  was so much more functional for us giving us more place to store clothing and have a junk drawer.

Our closet in the house is alot emptier now to, not only cause we dont stroe the RV furniture in it but also because Andrea cleaned up old clothing and got rid of 5 bags of clothing. I will have to do the same exercise soon. I cleaned my dresser and got rid of 25 year old t-shirts and underwear.

We put about 22k miles on the RV between october. 2013 and january 2017. I found our old logbook where we tracked our visits to the gassataion and other more or less useful information.

Even though its an upgrade selling the RV feels weird and like saying good bye to an old friend.


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