Chicken in a Dutch Oven

The first meal we cooked in our Dutch Oven was a roasted chicken. Usually the oven in a RV is too small to make something we call ” Stand-up chicken’ or some people call it beer can chicken. This is where the Dutch oven comes in handy.

All you need beside the dutch oven is the spices you would normally use and some charcoal. Prepare the charcoal the same way you would normally, spice the chicken you would in an oven. We prefer a basic mix of salt, pepper .. maybe some smoked paprika and some herb. Its pretty much “set it and forget it” put the chicken in the dutch oven ( I made a little raise bed out of foil so it doesn’t sit in the dripping)  and put some charcoal on the ground put dutch oven on the charcoal and put some charcoal on top of the lid.

It takes about 60 to 90 min based on outside temps, wind etc.. in the summer its usually done within 60 min.





6 thoughts on “Chicken in a Dutch Oven

  1. Most of the time I will not want to cook over charcoal, but it’s nice to know that I can. Would be great for boondocking. I’ve been using my Dutch oven a lot for one-pot meals. Might be nice to try some of those over charcoal or a campfire.


  2. It looks like we will not have an oven at all. 90% of the RVs that otherwise fit our needs don’t have ovens, soooo…

    Probably the universe telling me that I don’t need to bake cookies for the foreseeable future 😀


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