Wells State Park, MA

We really only stayed 1 night in this State Park and only because we were not yet familiar with the beauty of Cracker Barrel’s overnight parking policy and on our way to Acadia Maine.

The Park is located near the Junction of I-90 and I-84 in Sturbridge, MA.  I would love to come back and stay a few more days and maybe fish  the Pond and do some more hiking.

The loop they put us in was a bit of a pain to find and once we found it it was a tight squeeze… and I mean.. tight to the point where we were wondering if we gonna get through and started to have onlookers  to see if we can make it. The map they gave us was pretty bad.. on the map there was a 2 way intersection but in reality it was a 6 way.. we managed to finally find our site just to realize we should have just avoided the loop and backed up into the site from the main road.

Very wooded area, tons of nature  and we loved waking up to the birds singing.


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