Cooking in a Motorhome

I have been seeing alot of youtube videos dedicated to the art of cooking in a motorhome.

Is is really THAT different to cooking in a house ? You have the same equipment and the same  methods of cooling or storing food. I think the fridge my parents have in their house in germany is smaller than the Norcold 6xx series we have in  our RV.
When I was in the Navy we used to cook meals on/in toaster ovens and radiant heaters. We made makeshift pans out of foil etc. When I was a little boy my grandparents had an old gas stove, one that you had to climb half way in to light the pilot and the stove burners were lit by one of those ratchet sparklers…both very exciting things for a young lad like myself.

Other than considering smell impact there isn’t really a big difference in cooking in the RV vs in a house. The only difference might be that you need to plan smaller shorter shopping trip and wont be able to put a whole turkey in the oven, but other than those things it is .. At least for me… Close to the same as in a brick and stick house.

3 thoughts on “Cooking in a Motorhome

  1. We have a YouTube channel and thought about making occasional cooking videos but it wasn’t anything unique to an RV, to us. We use pretty much the same appliances with some small differences. The only real difference for was the amount of space.

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