Wireless Tire Pressure Measure System

Knowing your tire pressure is important. It can help with fuel efficiency and expands the lifetime of your tires. What happened to us was that we ran over a nail and one of the inner dualie tires slowly deflated and ran flat causing damage to the tire so it had to be replaced. If we would have known this earlier we could have prevented the damage.

After watching a video from Chris & G Travels we decided to go with the
EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 6 sensors which cost us about $320. Installation is pretty simple. You label each sensor by location sync them to the display unit and use the special key to secure it to the tire valve. Once you turn on the unit it will take a few minutes for the sensors to report in and display each tires pressure on the display.
You can set high and low warning and the unit comes with a rapid deflation warning that will alert you of a fast leak.



Display Unit


3 thoughts on “Wireless Tire Pressure Measure System

  1. We use the same brand of TPMS. How long have you had yours? We put the sensors on our towed vehicle too. Your post reminds me that I haven’t written about our system and how it might have saved us from a more severe problem. I’ll have to post about it one of these days.

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    • 2 years now.. how long do the batteries in the sensor last ? I get the feeling that the one in ours are getting low.. takes longer to get a reading and some of them never checked in on the last few trips.. or maybe they just need to be “re-synced”


      • We only had them on for 8 months. So, haven’t had to deal with low batteries yet. I thought there should be a low-battery indicator on the monitor if the batteries are low.

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