I never thought I would have it setup so we can always use it but it makes life so much easier. An inverter takes the 12 volt from the house battery and converts it to regular 110 volts.

We pretty much only use it to run the TV when boondocking. It’s a small one anyway, 650 watts purchased for $65 at walmart. There are many better models out there and I would go for a 2000 watt purse sine inverter next but this worked for us and fulfills all our needs.

You have to be aware how much the inverter can handle. One time my wife plugged a 1300 watt toaster oven in the 650 watt inverter and it was NOT HAPPY.  You need to know what your 110 V need is and what your inverter  can provide before you plug it. electrical piece of equipment has a small label on the back that shows it usage in watts.

This is a small juice blender we use. It used 400 Watts so out 640 watt blender will be able to handle the load


Our Inverter is hidden behind the TV so I can easily access it if  have to plug additional items in or if I want to keep it ON/OFF. running it in ON mode while not using it doesn’t use much energy, but I prefer to have unused items turned OFF.


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