What we learned about ourselves…

Happy Wife Happy Life:
Andrea is the better driver and I am the better navigator.

Travel Time:
It takes a RV alot longer to get there so enjoy the journey, don’t rush yourself. We found out that we have no problem putting in a 500+ mile day if we take breaks every 2 hrs to walk the dogs, stretch and relax.

What we need :
This might change but we really prefer not having FHU. Electric is fine and water is a bonus but even then we usually just use our internal tank.

We are much more relaxed in the RV even when we both work from the road, crammed in our desks pecking on our keyboards. That might be temporary but we have a  higher desire of going outside when we are in a new area.

We sleep so much better in the little RV bed than the big California King at home base. There is something about sleeping in the RV that relaxes us more and I manage to actually sleep in.

We live more aware of our surroundings, I mean … you have to be in a RV  since you have limited Internet,battery, water and waste.. but by doing that you notice how wasteful you are in your “unlimited” life. We are more aware of what we actually do all day and how our actions impact us.

2 thoughts on “What we learned about ourselves…

  1. I tell you, you notice a lot more when you drive two or three miles at a time, going from turnout to turnout. But then, my husband really saw more as he walked the 3,000+ miles across America.


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