It is pretty handy to have some sort of solar setup, specially if you are like me and hate to run the generator and hate to listen to the noise. Our first RV was mainly a weekend rig, we had no idea how long we can live off battery, how fast we drain and how often we have to run the generator.

We really only use the solar setup we have to keep the battery topped off. So we can run the fans when boondocking and keep the animals and us cool during the day and have enough power to afford the comfort at night. We really dont use much.. The TV, via inverter around 40 watt the fan a out the same.

Using to little we decided to go with a 80 watt  Go Power folding solar kit. it comes with all you need you charge your battery. Solar panel, charge controller, adapters for batteries and a reasonable long cable.

It can be a bit anoying having to readjust the panel so it faces the sun but thats a small price to pay for free electric.

With the next rig we probably going to go with panels on the roof, not sure to be honest since I will be still working and we probably be staying ar places with electric for a few months  and then move on. We probably keep the small one and plan a good solar setup that will allow off the grid living.


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