When we first got our RV we were very eager to  use it. Unfortunately campgrounds in the North East close down in October and don’t open until  May.
For some reason or  another I found Normandy Farms in Foxborough and also found out that they are open until Thanksgiving Weekend ( used to be year round ). Next year we went there for Thanksgiving and were joint by 2 couples and their kids.

We thought we were “very unique” and “cool”  but it turns out people are camping there for Thanksgiving for decades and they even offer a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday which we heard is always well attended.

First get the Turkey  ( just kidding )

Photo Nov 26, 2 03 27 PM

Inject flavoring


Deep Fry


Decorate the table


Our Campsite


Time to eat


Good Times

Photo Nov 27, 2 24 07 PM

Ending a great day with great friends


4 thoughts on “Thanksglamping

  1. Now that’s what I am talking about. Here in Indiana the campgrounds are usually closed by end of October and reopen April 1. Some you can still camp but there are no services. A friend just returned from a wonderful trip in Gulf Shores and New Orleans. Campgrounds are open year round because of mild temperatures. They had a fantastic trip of 3 weeks.


    • the East Coast is as bad if not worse.. they close down and don’t let you in (prob due to vandalism).. this is one of the few I know thats open and is good ( there are some that are open year round but with most of them you hear banjpos playing when driving by and I don’t feel the urge to squeal like a pig.


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