I think specially in a RV or any larger vehicle it is important to protect yourself.. We have it very often that people pass us or cut in front of us because god forbid they be stuck behind a RV. Very often once they passed us or cut us off they realize they wanted to take the exit or next turn. and slam on their brakes… and its up to us to not crush them
I love the fact that if there ever were an accident we could just pull up the video and show the facts.

There are so many different makes and models out there and  went with a cheap option and went with this

SENWOW 1080P HD Dash Cam Car DVR GS8000L Traveling Driving Data Recorder Camcorder Vehicle Camera Night Vision Dashboard Camera With 120 Degree Angle View Black, Come With 8GB TF Memory Card

for $32 it does the job, I don’t need the audio so I turned it off.. which would just my wife using foul language about other peoples driving skills and me singing along to songs I don’t know the lyrics to .. might be a good reel for american funniest home videos but not much of evidence.

Those cameras are easy to setup and turn on with the outlet getting power ( so make sure to unplug if yours is always on or you end with a dead battery )

The video quality is OK.. if you want to become the next hot thing on youtube.. I suggest doing more research and find something better. for safety monitoring this will do.

It also helps if you make sure the date / time is right.. something I always forget.

3 thoughts on “Dashcam…

  1. TravelswithCallie will be the start of our first RV adventure too, and I want to thank your for the camera suggestion. Good point and I will mention it to my husband. We are only a 24′ Icon Class C so it will have a fair amount of pep. Heaven forbid we have someone behind us that wants to pass only to discover they need to get off the freeway. You are a talented and descriptive writer!:)


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