Wilmington Notch Campground, NY

Wilmington Notch Campground is located in .. guess where .. Wilmington, NY. The campground is a short walking  distance from White Face Ski Mountain and short driving distance to Lake Placid and the Olympic Complex. There is ample hiking in the area and the campground is  mostly utilized by hikers and offers now hookups. A dump station is on e site and the center sites are not too shaded so your solar should work. There is also GREAT Verizon coverage.

If you  walk past the dumpster you will find a small trail leading down to the gorge, please use caution and watch children.. its steep. If you walk down  and go left you will find plenty of swimming holes and fishing spots If you go right ( there is no marked trail )  you will end up at the Lodge of Whiteface Mountain.

During the day you hear some of the road noise but at night no one travels there and its pretty quiet.










Trust Exercise


Enjoying the views


4 thoughts on “Wilmington Notch Campground, NY

  1. What a well-trained cat and dogs. Love it. My old cat jumped on a kitchen counter once when we first got him. That was the last time. I think it’s better for pets when you draw a clear line for them.


    • Yes, they need to know boundaries and dont feel entitled. Our dogs are allowed on the couch and in bed but only after they are invited and if we tell them to get off the furniture they have to obey.


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