LED cold/warm

One of the first upgrades we did in the RV was to replace the incandescent lights with LED lights. I think CampingWorld wanted $300 for that and I bought the LEDs at Amazon for $50. But I selected the “cold” kind .. the ones that gives the room a examining room feel. It never bothered us in the beginning but later we found that we used  battery powered “warmer” light feature instead of the build in lights. I ordered 10 “warm” LEDs and tried them in one of the light fixtures last night and they do look a lit better and give it a more homier feeling. Since we are probably buying  a new RV in spring  I am not going through and replace them again..but wait for the new rig and use them there.




Not that it matter but the “warm” LED is on the left and the “cold on the right


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