Things are moving along…

After waiting for 2 days for a callback from the Sales Person  we got a call back discussed the plan and emailed him a whole bunch of photos of our current rig, the improvements we did  ( 2nd battery, new waterpump/accumulator,custom tables, dresser vs chair etc ) we kept all the original parts  and the seats covered so they look brand new… except for some puppy chew marks on the shifter I think the rig is in great shape.

I know we are going to lose money on the trade but so be it…

Not sure how long it will take for him to get back to us, we really don’t want to buy till the middle of March and there is a RV show in February we want to check out.. maybe I get the RV photos printed out and have a little portfolio handy if we see something at the show.

Exciting times ahead of us.

3 thoughts on “Things are moving along…

    • That’s the way we look at it .. Our current rig is too small for 2 peeps, 2 dogs and 2-3 cats to live, work and stay sane…I am not looking forward doing the “sales dance” but its what needs to be done.


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