The Peach Music Fest

The Peach Music Fest is an annual Music Festival at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA. The event starts on Thursday evening and the last concert  is on Sunday night. For the last 2 years we been doing the RV camping  and it has been a blast. The people are mostly somewhat responsible there and you don’t have too many wild parties. The first time we went there our neighbors were playing “Franklin’s Tower” from the Grateful Dead on their guitars, problem was.. that was the only song they knew how to play…luckily the 2nd night someone with a larger  selection played.

What makes this Music Fest great is that it is in a waterpark.. you can sit in the pool and listen to the music. Well the Pools are somewhat very fast very dirty so if you are a germophone this might not be it for you.

There are 3 stages with different bands playing, Shows run from lunchtime until the early morning hours. There is also  an APP you can install that tells you who plays where and when and keeps you updated. Last year there was a lot of rain issues so a few bands got canceled but it was still a great event.

A few clips










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