Adirondack Museum

The Adirondack Museum is located Blue Mountain Lake , NY. It’s a great spot for everyone to visit and explains life in the Adirondack very well. It can be overwhelming and they don’t  really broadcast it but your ticket is good for 2 visits ( I think you have a week for the second visit )… which makes it great to split the visit up over two days.

When we visited  they had a “camping exhibit” going on.


Backpacks  over time


Car camping





A good skill to have


3 thoughts on “Adirondack Museum

  1. It was so great seeing your post on the Blue Mountain Museum. I grew up 40 minutes from there in Tupper Lake and have often visited it. We will be going again in the spring when it fully opens its doors. Did you get to explore the surrounding area and its many beautiful sights?


    • we love the ADK.. go up there few times a year.. went to Lewey Lake, Lake Placid, Rollins Pond and Wilmington Notch.. Have you been to the Nature Center in Tupper Lake ? great Place to visit. Friends of mine just moved to Saranac Lake and are the happiest they have been.

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      • Wow and wow again. Haven’t visited Lewey Lake or the Nature Center of those mentioned. As a young boy I worked at Fish Creek/Rollins Pond and later in life had a camp further up the road on Little Pollywog Pond. Grandparents lived in Saranac Lake and Uncle has a cabin in Vermontville. Brought my fiancé there last winter and now its a regular stop. She wants to move there, lol. Hopefully you wrote more in your blog about your travels there? We love hearing stories and seeing the photo’s of folks that go there.


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