Cleaning out the RV

After returning from a few weeks on the road in warmer climates, we have been discussing an RV upgrade.  The last 2 weekends we have been looking at different new and used RV’s and have narrowed our choice.  We are not willing to purchase until winters end & have it sitting in the driveway for 2+ months?  

But in the meantime we are taking advantage of a January thaw in upstate New York, and we decided to do some RV cleaning and sorting.  It’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the last 3 years while traveling. 

One trip we insisted on frozen margaritas on the beach so hubby Amazon primed us an handheld ice crusher that we could use boon-docking.  It’s never been used.  Removed.  Three different kinds of hair conditioner.  Outta there.  Doubles of every utensil under the sun.  Gone.  Five boxes of tissues.  Better used in the house.

The list goes on & on.  I think you get my point.  Pack rats!

Going forward I think it’s a good idea to evaluate the practicality of everything we put in the RV and at least annually ask ourselves “When was the last time we used this?

One thought on “Cleaning out the RV

  1. Becoming full-time RVers opened our eyes about how many things we accumulated over the years…a side effect of consumerism. It was quite freeing to get rid of stuff and tried to carry with us what we really need. Of course, there were poor decisions made, particularly, at the beginning, but nevertheless.

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