Fighting Moisture

Moisture seems to be a problem in a RV. After the first winter we noticed that some items ( camping chairs ) had developed some mold on the fabric and we had a hard time cleaning them. Ever since we had that issue we always have a big bucket of DAMP RID in the RV storage bin


as well as 2 of the DampRid  Hanger kind inside the rig, not only does it smell good but we also noticed a big difference humidity in the air. ( while traveling this wont help with condensation at cold nights but atleast it makes the rig smell good )


I suggest putting/hanging them in a way that if the collected water were suppose to freeze, break the container and then leak it doesn’t ruin anything. (Guess how I figured that out) We hang ours over the sink and the big bucket goes into a bucket we have in the bin.

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