Truckin’ up to Buffalo…

I switched  jobs  last year in  march. After 18 years of cooperate abuse I switched to what seems now, after almost a year later, a better place to work . But I do work remote so we decided to take the RV up to Buffalo for a Workcaction. and show my face in the office.

We left on Saturday morning and visiting The Shrine of our Lady the Martyrs something I have seen signs and always wanted to visit. It was a beautiful Park  to walk and the building ( church/temple  ? ) the shrine is is is amazing. There was some sort of service going on so I didn’t want to be disrespectful go in and take photos.It’s kinda neat.. they can basically have a 360 service   with this setup.


Apparently Bob Hope and his wife donated to the shrine


We then moved on to White Springs Vinery for a Harvest Host stay. It was Mothersday weekend and the place was packed. We enjoyed wine and the views from the terrace. IF you are a single male I suggest going to a wine tasting on Mothersday weekend.. there were ALOT of ladies ready to flirt.





One they closed at 5 PM we had the place to ourselves


The Week  we stayed at Evangola State Park , it was OK.. I don’t like the open field setup and people walking through your campsites and playing ball  and constantly having to walk over and pick up the missed balls or people pulling in a letting their dogs run off leash , crap everywhere and dont clean up.



Lake Erie was pretty cool I have to admit


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