OTG..On The GO

The main reason that I haven’t been using my Kodak  digital Camera for photos is that it is a pain in the neck to post the pictures on social media. I have to fire up the laptop, get the card or connect  the camera, download and then upload.

My Samsung S7 ( the so far non exploding S7 version ) comes with this nifty little feature that most modern  cellphones have these days. It’s called USB OTG.. which apparently stands for On The GO. so basically I can connect a real USB device to the “mini usb ” port that I usually only  use for charging and get the photos of the camera that way. I can also connect a real keyboard if I ever have the need for that.

I played with it but couldnt get it work , then I realized that due to my “Ottercase” the adapter that came with the phone doesnt slide all the way therefore never making a connection to transfer the photos.

I purchased the following 2 items

which take care of the “Ottercase” issue

Ugreen Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable On The Go Adapter Male Micro USB to Female USB for Samusung S7 S6 Edge S4 S3 Android or Windows Smart Phones Tablets with OTG Function

and also a new media reader which comes with a OTG adapter but I figure out that its good to have a backup ( plus the OTG has the same issue with the “Ottercase” as the other adapter

WEme Superspeed Aluminum USB 3.0 Multi-In-1 Card Reader With OTG Adapter Converter


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