New York to North Carolina

I believe this was our first stay at a Harvest Hosts. We decided to stay at  Wildwood Alpacas which is located in Woodford, VA . Our hosts were super nice and showed us the operation of the farm and the alpaca as well as the guard lama ( don’t want to mess with them )

Our spot was located on top of the hill overlooking some pastures we had an amazing moon that night and woke up to the song of a whip-poor-will…he went on and on and on and on… to the point where I could have choked that little fellow.


The dogs enjoyed  the views as much as we did.


First we stayed at Falls Lake Recreation area  close to Raleigh. some of my team members live in the area  and I decided to  meet some for lunch .

The campesite was nice and wooded with lots of privacy and a small hiking trail  close by, good Verizon Coverage was available





From there we moved on to Cedar Point  Recreation Area  the sites are far apart but don’t offer much visual privacy. There is a nice nature trail close by that offers great bird viewing opportunities , there is also a small boat launch for those that enjoy canoe/kayaking. Again, good Verizon coverage was available.






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