How to cook ?

I am very unhappy with our ( mainly my decisions) regarding outdoor cooking

We started with this


It’s heavy, bulky, pain in the neck to store, too low for tall people and wind affects the burners and sometimes renders it useless.

So we switched to this


Its a lot better with wind , size and portability but the grill still makes a mess and we use a pan of it most of the time

I wonder if I should get this and use  my cast iron pan. since most of the  “grilling” we do over wood fire anyway


OR if I should get this since the new rig most likely will have an outdoor kitchen and I don’t need the protection from the wind anymore


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…….

7 thoughts on “How to cook ?

  1. David found Camp Chef stove, Everest Mountain Series. It’s a two burner propane stove with wind guards. It doesn’t have to be operated with wind guards up, which is a benefit because you can use a big pan. We have a picture of it in this post here.
    We have a separate grill but, like you, we don’t use it that often. If you need more info about our set up, let me know.

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    • Thanks for the info . I goggled it by name and found it. Looks good and similar to the coleman one except propane only ( but how often do I need white gas) I like that you can put the windguards down if you have larger pan. It looks pretty heavy duty on your picture in the blog.


      • The primary reason David loves this stove is that the heat it can generate using propane. It don’t remember the BTU but it was one of the highest he found. Originally he was thinking about the white gas stove, but it was more trouble to use and to keep fuel at hand. With the high heat this one can generate, it was an easy decision to not both with the white gas. You do go through propane quicker with this stove if you blast the heat all the time (but isn’t it the whole purpose?). We purchased a hose and connect the stove directly to a small propane tank (10 lbs tall profile). Last longer this way and not wasting tons of propane cylinders.

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  2. True those tiny green containers dont last long. We got one of the longer hoses too for ours.. makes lice alot easier. Plus it might come in handy when we camp somewhere colder and need to run the Buddy Heater. I cant stand the sound our furnace makes…


  3. What a coincidence!! We used to have the same grill on your picture #1… now #1 stays on our porch home and we use for camping the grill in your picture #2 (but in color red)! I usually cover the area beneath the grill with some aluminum foil. It helps with the cleaning process… 😉


  4. Two thumbs up for the Camp Chef’s Everest. It is a beast when it comes with two 20,000 BTU burners. It puts out 2x more than any of the other stoves that I used or researched. What I love about it is that I can use a Lodge Pro Grid Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle (fits perfectly) and get a much more even heat on the cooking surface than years past. You don’t even have to put the wind-shielding sides down in order to use both a 12″ skillet and 12″ Dutch Oven at the same time. Downside: weight of the cast iron. Upside: I can control heat so much better with this setup. Also, the cleanup is much easier on the cast iron instead of the stove itself.

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