What’s in a name ?

Speaking SSID  of the WiFi network…at basecamp its SKIHAUS for the love for skiing we had 1 knee replacement ago and before we started RVing. But thats not broadcasted so no one knows or cares… The Hotspot on my phone I can not mask so it visible for everyone to see.. I named it ANGRYGERMAN my old nickname from my first job in america..working in a IBM callcenter…sweet as apfelstrudel with the customer and angry as hell once  I hung up…..later the nickname changed to THEGERMAN.

I think its time for a name change..but what exactly ? Something that is witty but not offensive ,  something that says who we are but keeps us privat. Maybe we should go with MARSHOTL which is our license plate, maybe something travel related  or maybe i stick with a german theme ? SOURKRAUT is almost as good as ANGRYGERMAN. Maybe i keep it neutral with HOTSPOT.. not sure yet but as we transition into a new life style I think its time to find a new label…maybe I just stick with the theme of the blog and BEKIND ……

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