new rig ?

We spent good 2 hrs yesterday looking at a potential new rig for us.  We saw the THOR A.C.E. 30.3 at the Albany RV show last weekend  and wanted to take a closer look so we went the dealer made clear that we are NOT BUYING TODAY, NOT PUTTING A PAYMENT DOWN , NOT WANT TO BE BUGGED. The sales person was super understanding  also a fellow “Dead Head” We chatted a bit  about some shows and he left us alone.. at the end we were looking for him but he was with a customer so we got his card and are going to call him  to find out about trade in, inventory etc. I don;t want to buy till April since all the rig would do is sit in the drive way till may.

Outside View




Alot of room for clothing




The John


LOVE the flexible shower


Plenty of counterspace


Couch and Dinette


cockpit / my future office.. plenty of room for phone and monitors


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