Camping …Glamping…RVing

Years ago I was somewhat of a camping purist. Camping meant sleeping in a tent…PERIOD

Then i realized that having the RV opens the world not only for me, my wife but also our animals. The RV allows us to see the country with our pets in a way that’s not exhausting to humans or animals. It also allows us to extend travels from weekends to weeks as we can work from the RV.

But is it still camping ? Depends on your classification on the term CAMPING. Honestly.. for me its not camping per say I would call it maybe traveling, glamping or rving but I call it camping cause thats what everyone calls it. I do enjoy real camping where I backpack into the mountains and sleep in my tent, it puts the world in perspective when you narrow your daily activities down to walk, eat and sleep. However I do enjoy the luxury of the RV, getting up and sitting upright in the temperature controlled RV,  protected from rain, snow, heat. I enjoy sitting by the fire watching the stars above me followed going inside the rig stretching out in my bed and watching TV.

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