2016 or 7500 miles

April 2016

Normandy Farms,MA

May 2016

White Sprigs Vinyard
Evangola State Park,NY
Wilmington Notch Campground,NY

June 2016

Rollins Pond Campground,NY

July 2016

Woodland Valley Campground,NY

August 2016

Promised Land State Park
The Peach Music Festival

September 2016

Mongaup Pond Stae Park,NY
Pleasant Valley Wine Company
Rooster Hill Vinyard

October 2016

Wilmington Notch State Park,NY

November 2016

Normandy Farms, MA

December 2016

Cracker Barrel Frackville,PA
Cracker Barrel Kodak, TN
Cracker Barrel Pensacola,FL
Henderson Beach State Park,FL
Faver-Dykes State Park,FL
Myrtle Beach State Park, SC
Killens Pond State Park,DE

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