How I connect for work

Pretty basic setup that so far has not failed me. I am using my Samsung S7 as a hotspot which connects to a WiFi Extender that gives me also the option to hard wire my Cisco IP Phone  to the network .
YES ….I know it is a bit weird to use a cellphone to connect a phone and I get asked often  WHY NOT JUST USE YOUR CELLPHONE. The reason behind it is that my company uses these for the office and I am one of their few “remote” employees so instead of sticking out like a sore thumb and having to ask people to call my cellphone  I just use this and they can call me by my extension making my work location transparent. My laptop connects over wifi to my phone. One nice feature is that I can connect the extender to  let’s say a campground  wifi signal and use that if available.

I also have a Wilson 4G Sleek Booster that can help improve my cell signal. I rarely have to use it since I plan our workacions around good Verizon coverage. As a backup to  Verizon we also have a 12 GB plan with AT&T



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