Why we prefer Cracker Barrels over Walmarts.

Free overnight RV parking usually isnt that hard to find but in the last 3 years of our travels we realized that we prefer Cracker Barrels  over Walmarts  & Truck Stops.

The first time we spent a night at a Truck Stop was on our 2nd trip in the RV we stayed between Trucks on I-90 towards Boston. We had no idea how to use the heater in the RV nor how long the battery would last so we didn’t use it at all. I ( hotblooded ) woke up to the RV being cozy 47 F warm and Andrea laying with the dogs wearing 498 layers of clothing. The Trucks next to us idled or had loud generators running which made sleep nealy impossible.

here is our glorious spot


We then decided to aim for walmart since we hard good things about them. Last year we stayed at one in Georgia on a saturday night ( big mistake )  and  could barely sleep due to local youth hooting and hollering and having redneck drag races all night long.

Georgia on my mind…IMG_20151227_062127_671.jpg

After that experience we decided to focus more on  Cracker Barrels  and have not been disapointed. They usually have their own parking lot, are very quiet once they close and they open early so you can grab  breakfast &coffee  and get on the road fast. The staff is very friendly  and always interested in their “overnighters”


3 thoughts on “Why we prefer Cracker Barrels over Walmarts.

  1. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Walmart. We never stay at CB. One time we tried but their parking lot was too small for our motorhome in tow. So far we stayed at about 7-8 Walmart Supercenters from West Virginia to California.They all worked very well for us. At Walmart in Nebraska, I think, we were among semi-trucks. Their noise didn’t bother us much. Our AC created plenty of white-noise to drawn it out 😄.

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    • i always look the CB we plan on staying up on google maps so I can see the layout of the parking lot. I also have seen Class A’s with tow cars park either in the back of lot or where instructed by CB staff. we are planning to go to Boulder,CO in may so we might stay at walmarts since I think CB are not that frequent outside the eastern part of country.


  2. Something we learned about Walmarts is that the Neighborhood Walmarts are not good places to stay. The Super Center Walmarts are in better locations and are much quieter. I bought a pack of ear plugs and a sleep mask to cover my eyes when we sleep there. Keeps all the noise and the sound out!


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