Managing Mobile Data

  1. Know what you need.
    We all live in a world where there is always WiFi and unlimited data available. This is different when living/working from the road. It is important to know your online needs and have a plan that can match it. I have to use a Cisco IP phone and use a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for my work) I use a Widget on my Windows 7 laptop that tells me what data is being consumed  and it is  between 300 and 900 MB a day. Now if you work a regular 40 hrs work week with the around 18 to 20 work days a month its very easy to use up 20 GB of data in a month JUST for work.
    If you know add Social Media, TV streaming , etc this can grow fast. On our last trip where we traveled 18 days and both a  mix of work and leisure we burned through 120 GB of data.
  2. Spread the load
    IF you can try to spread the download over multiple devices. My work I-phone allows me to use 2 GB  via hotspot which might be good for a few days. It’s also a good idea to have multiple providers. On a trip to maine last year we noticed that usually  an area where Verizon has no coverage ATT will and vice versa.
  3. Know whats connected
    Don’t leave devices connected they will slowly bleed you out.. make sure unused devices  are disconnected or background data is turned off. There is no point  in syncing the same social  media updates to 3 different devices.
  4. Know where you are
    Every cellphone provider has a coverage map which will give you an idea of what to expect. However you need to account for  heavy tree coverage, mountains or tall buildings. We recently stayed in the St.Augustine the maps said 4G but the signal strength was weak and I only getting 2 Mbit – maybe 5 Mbit.. barely enough to work never mind having multiple devices connected.
  5. Invest in some equipment.
    There are cellphone boosters, wifi repeaters that offer a hardwired Ethernet port , directional antennas and all sort of other “gadgets” that will help you getting & staying connected.
  6. Have a backup plan
    Nothing worst than needing to be online for work and you cant get connected. Make sure you know the next location for WiFi. Libraries , Home Depots, Lowes, Walmart, Starbucks etc might offer WiFi. Most big cooperation offer guest WiFi to visitors  and you might be able to  connect to those if you can park close enough.

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