Replacing the waterpump in the RV

On our “Thankscamping trip” to  Plymouth we noticed that our water pump was broken. To be honest it always sounded horrible but since this is our first RV we thought that was the way how those things sound.

Once we were home I ordered a new pump and also an accumulator for the RV so that we have a small amount of water available without running the pump all the time. ( I have a phobia where I think that the cats / dogs will kick something over it falls perfectly on the toilet flusher and the RV gets flooded with black water )

The parts arrived and the install was pretty easy. Old pump out, new one  and installed the accumulator in a way the “noise canceling” connectors can connect easy.


As I was installing this piece of art I noticed something in the “pre pump” filter and decided to take a look. Turns out that whoever drilled the hole in the water tank to connect the hoses never flushed the tanks and the shavings collected  and were blocking the lines. That probably explains the uneven flow of water when the pump was running and it’s short life.


Then I took a closer look at the old pump and whoever installed that must have been in a hurry cause he failed to put the screw in the hole it was meant for.


After everything was secured, leak-tested and cleaned up. I tested the pump and not only was in quiet but also had very even flow. There was a small problem though.. the pump didn’t turn off it just reduced its speed. After much research and asking people that have been RVing longer than us we determined that it was air in the lines. I purged but apparently not long enough since the rig was winterized and I didn’t want to add much water to  tanks ( why I didn’t purge air/water mix into a bucket is still unclear to me )

on our last trip to Florida we finally took the time to really purge it  and the pump has been fine since then.


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