some apps we use and like

Overnight RV Parking

simple app, easy to use and well worth the $24.95 yearly subscription. Every time you confirm or update a location there will be an extension of your membership. ( days / week ) In the last 3 years we noticed we use this app more than any other to find “free” over night RV parking.


ok, maybe not a travel app but we love their food and we used the mobile ordering app many times on the last trip. and it saved us a bunch of time. They are usually VERY BUSY and it might take 15 min just to order. With the apps I put the order in, submit it and usually by the time I walk from parking lot to the restaurant  the order is ready to be picked up.


it seems to get harder and  harder to find postcards and the mail them ( need to find post office in area you are unfamiliar in etc ) With this App you can make a postcard using your own photos and mail them electronically  ( they print it and ship it for you) each postcard is about $2.30 )


great apps to do a quit edit  of videos on the phone…specially if you need to trim a bit from the start or ending  of a smartphone video.

DTV Antennas

nice tool to show you the direction of the TV stations broacasting in your area. We recently installed a directional TV antenna  in combination with  this app we get more channels and better reception






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