Christmas 2016

Our 2016 Christmas trip ( short version )


  • Home –> Middletown ,NY
  • Middletown ,NY–>CrackerBarrel (Frackville, PA)
  • CrackerBarrel (Frackville, PA) –> CrackerBarrel (Kodak, TN)
  • CrackerBarrel (Kodak, TN) –> CrackerBarrel (Pensecola, FL)
  • CrackerBarrel (Pensecola, FL)–>Henderson Beach State Park ( Destin, FL)
  • Henderson Beach State Park ( Destin, FL)–>Faver-Dykes State Park (St.Augustine,FL)
  • Faver-Dykes State Park (St.Augustine,FL)–>Myrtle Beach State Park ( Myrtle Beach, SC )
  • Myrtle Beach State Park ( Myrtle Beach, SC )–>Killens Pond State Park ( Felton, DE)
  • Killens Pond State Park ( Felton, DE)–>Home


3 thoughts on “Christmas 2016

    • yes their breakfast are nice, fast and cheap … We love overngihting at them then in the morning just run in eat and get back on the road.. no cleanup required. They might be a good investment too.. their stock has been perfoming well and their parking lots are always full.


  1. We had quite an experience on Jim’s walk across America the night we ate at Cracker Barrel and were going to stay overnight in their parking lot in Amarillo, Texas. We tell about it and the tornado warning in our book.


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